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Miriam's solo dance work combines improvisation, choreography, and video. She tells stream-of-consciousness stories through words, music, and bodies. She dances to escape, contemplate and find release. Her goal is to speak openly and humorously both to entertain and keep herself and an audience company.

After Work (2022)

Song by Sibylle Baier

Length: 4:29min

Amer's Apartment (2022)

Song by Angel Olsen

Length: 1:32min

Verbal Diarrhea (2021), excerpt 

Length: 4:00min

Days of the Week (2021)
Song by Dr. Jean Feldman
Length: 1:04min

Will Someone Ever Look At Me That Way (2021)

Song by Barbra Streisand

Length: 3:33min

The Homeless Wanderer (2020)

Song by Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou

Length: 2:53min

Movement in the home, red in the kitchen, cozy in the sheets. (2020)

"Ngui Yi" Song by Blick Bassy

Length: 3:08min

Essentially a Vlog (2020)
Length: 2:19min

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