Days of the Week (2021)

Song by Dr. Jean Feldman

Length: 1:04min

Will Someone Ever Look At Me That Way (2021)

Song by Barbra Streisand

Length: 3:33min

The Homeless Wanderer (2020)

Song by Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou

Length: 2:53min

Essentially a Vlog (2020)

Disclaimer, this is a Vlog from the early days at one of my workplaces. I have since learned to appreciate the place and the money I made from it.

Song by Unknown

Length: 2:19min

Movement in the home, red in the kitchen, cozy in the sheets. (2020)

"Ngui Yi" Song by Blick Bassy

Length: 3:08min