Photo by Malcolm-x Betts

MiZo Productions presents

"Out There"

Through the alien duo known as MiZo, real life co-creators Miriam Gabriel, Zora Schiltz Rouse and Sophia de Baun satirize their lived experiences as women and artists living in the Greater New York City Area. MiZo are descendants of humans who were abducted hundreds of years ago. They have come to understand human society through various media such as YouTube and Buzzfeed. The lens of the alien allows for play with miscommunication, overt sexuality, over-the-top energy and uninhibited responses to a world that is perhaps equally as grotesque as the characters themselves!

MiZo Productions was founded in 2019. The founding trio Zora Schiltz-Rouse , Sophia de Baun and Miriam Gabriel have been making video work together since 2017.

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